Your consideration for giving additional financial support for SAO and the benefits we bring is always appreciated. In any amount.

St. Augustine Orchestra is a 501(c)3 organization; your donation should be tax deductible.

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Why does SAO need your support?

SAO is growing successfully in membership/retention rate and in audience attendance and loyalty. Did you know, 0ver 10,000 man-hours every year are donated to grow our success at the box office. BUT…

  • Appropriate performance space is becoming more difficult to find. More commercial interests compete for the few spaces we can perform. Seating for four public concerts by our volunteers is nearly sold out (8 of the past 10 concerts) and pressures are containing us or becoming barriers to further expansion.
  • Our cost for performance space has increased.

We want to keep our prices down for our audiences. We’ve got few options to grow our audiences, to offset rising expenses.

When you donate to SAO, you are helping to:

  • Provide live, orchestral music for your family, friends and visitors to our City
  • Maintain an enriched quality of life for the St. Augustine public, and local musicians
  • Sustain a fulfilling musical “home ensemble” to many resident musicians that not only entertain our audiences, but also provide outreach to local area school music students who aspire to learn and appreciate orchestral music, from the Masters to Pops.

Please support a cultural institution that has existed for over 5 decades. 

Make your mark on the future of culture in St. Augustine! You’ll be glad you did.


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Thank you for your generosity.


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