Prospective Members

The St. Augustine Orchestra is an organization open to accomplished musicians. It costs you nothing to participate. Your time and your skills are highly valued, which is why much effort goes into organizing rehearsals for efficiency and effectiveness.

Our repertoire is developed with input from our musicians and guided by our Artistic Director to be both fulfilling to musicians and to present a balanced repertoire to our ever-growing audiences. Regular participation in SAO will raise your skills if not also raise your musical quality of life.

SAO rehearsals are held Tuesday evenings from August to May from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Location: Murray Middle School, 150 N. Holmes Blvd., St. Augustine, Fl. 32084 

SAO regularly welcomes new players, even during the season as we start rehearsing a new program. Interested musicians are invited to prepare an informal, brief (1-2) minute audition and submit the link (YouTube or other platform link) of a video recording to our artistic director, Scott Gregg. See below for details.

About Auditions:

Audition makes you nervous? Hey. All of our musicians got busy in life, and came back to music. If you are a bit “rusty”, we understand! So do your best at the present time. We hope you’ll set aside any concern, as our Conductor has a better chance of supporting your needs and level with the music chosen for performance if your skills are known.

Think of it from the other point of view: When more than 45 other musicians are in rehearsal, a single player’s skills cannot be easily discerned. A recorded audition helps define the raw talent our Conductor has to work with. So, what ever skills you have today isn’t the end. Its the beginning. We know regular participation will advance them if you work the music. So take the first step by introducing yourself. Let us determine an appropriate placing that will fit our mutual needs.

We’ve made this audition process quite easy:


Please be certain to state the following information at the beginning of your video, followed by your musical audition:

  • Your first and last name.
  • A brief statement regarding your musical background. 

Then: Make a video in one take, to simulate a live audition environment

  • “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” If that inner voice questions whether you are “good enough”, let us worry about that. Don’t let your inner voice of doubt stop you from giving us the chance to hear you. Play some major scales with arpeggios, a lyrical passage you may know and/or a technical passage that shows what you’ve got.
  • Store the recording on YouTube or Vimeo.
    • Save the file to YouTube or Vimeo, and email us the LINK only.
    • Do not forget to send the login information to see the video file, if required.
  • Submit to Scott Gregg, Musical Director. (Click on his name here).

Please note that seating availability changes so its important to act now. Let us have the opportunity to be the musical home for you when the timing is right. We can’t consider you if you don’t reach out to us!

If you have questions please address them to Allyson Breger. (Click on her name.)

C’mon. Just do it! Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses… show us what you’ve got. Oboes and Bassoons, clarinetists and flutes, and especially orchestral brass such as trombones, trumpets and horns. Let’s not forget the importance of orchestral percussion, which often requires many hands on many instruments.


SAO Board of Directors

Be part of something growing and vibrant. We are supportive and keep our focus on a positive culture, organized for success, as well as an educational experience and having fun in the process. Make us your musical home by sending your audition today.

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